About Us

The Table DeLand restaurant opened in March 2017 with the mission of providing great service and quality food in a relaxing atmosphere.

About Us

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Nearly 40 years ago at my grandparents house in Northern Florida, the concept of our restaurant began while having dinner on a Sunday afternoon. Life and times were much simpler then. There were no cell phones, televisions were a luxury and communicating with one another was easy. Everything in my Grandmother's kitchen was a labor of love and always made from scratch. From fried chicken dinners to midnight margaritas, from celebrating successes to having a kind ear in times of struggle: Life's most memorable moments were made while sitting around THE TABLE. 

Fast forward to 2017: With life racing by at what seems like lightning speed, we offer you a seat at our Table. A place to unwind, slow down and get back to your roots. There are no televisions to click on or WiFi to connect to. We want nothing to distract you from the company and conversation of those near you. Sit back, take a break and let us do the cooking while you talk about old memories and create new ones. 

Our menu is changed seasonally, with daily specials gathering inspiration from ingredients acquired at local farms. As grandma would have wanted, everything we do is made from scratch {with love} including some recipes that have been passed down through the generations. Welcome to our Table!